Legal Texas Poker Options In 2024 Covering Laws, Regulations And Poker Recommendations For TX Players

Poker Chips IconIronically, the state largely responsible for our most popular poker game in existence and for some of the richest history and influence in the poker arena does not offer much to their residents in the way of legal poker gaming opportunities.

Legal Texas poker games at land-based destinations are scarce in the Lone Star State. In fact, only one physical casino remains in the state, the Kickapoo Lucky Eagles Casino. This casino does offer 14 poker tables, and is the state’s sole location for playing poker in a bodafide card room. The state of TX has not had an overall friendly approach to gambling in general, and offers an extremely limited range of options.

So where does this leave poker players in Texas? This guide will go into the legal status of offline and online poker, provide information on the genuine and legally sanctioned options available to Texas poker players, and how to access these destinations legally.

Top Rated Texas Friendly Legal Online Poker Room

Bovada Online Poker Room $500 Bonus

If you are looking for a trusted and legitimate online poker room that accepts Texas players, then Bovada is a great choice. They are legally licensed in Canada and accept players from all states except NV, NJ, MD and DE. Bovada offers new players a generous 100% match bonus up to $500, and they are the most popular poker room for USA players. Meaning they have plenty of poker players online 24/7, so finding a game at whatever stakes you like to play is very easy.

Is Bovada Poker open to Texas residents? Yes, Bovada gladly welcomes all USA players except the 4 mentioned above.

Top Rated Legal Online Poker Rooms That Accept Texas Residents In 2024

Texas Players Can Claim A $500 Bonus At Bovada Poker

Poker RoomSignup BonusOur Rating /5US FriendlyPlay Now
Bovada Poker100% up to $5004.8YesPlay Now
Ignition Poker100% up to $3,0004.6YesPlay Now
Betonline Poker100% up to $1,0004.3YesPlay Now

Is Online Poker Legal In Texas In 2024?

At this time, it is not legal to own or operate an online poker site within the state of Texas. Should you come across an online poker destination that is based within the state’s borders, you should be advised that the business is operating illegally.

However, there are no state laws or any federal laws that prohibit Texas residents from participating in online poker gambling that is offered through legally licensed, regulated and compliance certified poker sites that are based outside of the United States.

All of the poker rooms recommended in this guide fall into this category. Because they are regulated by a governing jurisdiction that has legalized online poker gambling for their respective territories, they are able to legally offer their services to players around the world, including those in Texas.

Why Is Legal Poker Gambling So Scarce Texas?

This question is often asked because Texas is automatically associated with the game of poker. After all, Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game in all of history. With the history of poker being strongly embedded in the fabric of Texas, it is surprising to many that there is so much opposition to the game from within the Lone Star State.

Gambling laws and regulations in Texas have become so stringent and complex that the red tape that is in place has caused the closing and failure of all tribal casinos and gambling boats with the exception of one. This sole Texas casino does offer live poker tables.

The residents of the TX have consistently voted against gambling expansion within the state, including in terms of poker, having a rather icy disposition towards the concept in general. Those of us involved in the industry professionally have to wonder what the basis is for this large spread opposition, but as a strong supporter of states’ rights, I must also accept the will of the people.

The best option that Texas players are left with is to consider visiting licensed and regulated online poker sites, and there is plenty of confusion surrounding this option as well. Below we will explain this segment of the industry to help players understand the legality of online poker for Texas players. Having this information is critical to making an informed decision regarding your participation in legally sanctioned online poker.

What Are The Benefits To Legally Playing Poker Online?

Legal Texas online poker sites offer the state’s residents convenient access to secure and high quality poker gaming any time of the day or night, from any reliable Internet connection. This will be beneficial to those players who are unable to travel to the one brick and mortar destination offering live poker games, or who simply want the flexibility of online access.

These sites often provide sign up bonus offers to sweeten the pot somewhat, which is something you don’t find at most physical poker rooms. They also deliver tournament promotions, freerolls, and an active and ongoing tournament schedule around the clock as opposed to the occasional tournament opportunities you find at land based poker rooms.

What Is The Likelihood Of Texas Regulating Online Poker For Their State Residents?

Based on the anti-gambling stance that has typically emerged in Texas, we wouldn’t say that it is highly likely that we will see any movement to embrace state licensed online poker anytime soon. If the option becomes prevalent throughout other parts of the US, then it may influence Texas somewhat, but that is an unknown at this point. We do not consider Texas necessarily poised for online poker at this time.

Are There Any Legal Gambling Options In Texas?

As far as brick and mortar gambling, Texas does offer one tribal casino destination that does include poker games, as well as regulated pari-mutuel wagering and lottery games. When it comes to online gambling options available to Texas players, there are legally sanctioned offshore online casino, poker, sports betting, horse racing and bingo sites that are available. The poker sites recommended in this guide have been vetted for legitimacy, quality and security, and represent the best that the industry has to offer.

Texas’ Claim to Fame Concerning Poker

Though nobody knows for sure, the Texas State Legislature has declared¬†Robstown, Texas as the official birthplace of Texas Hold’em. It is believed to have emerged during the early part of the twentieth century, quickly gaining popularity through the state. It later traveled to Las Vegas in 1967 and gained public notoriety in 1969 wen it became available at the Dunes Casino.

The WSOP directors took notice of the game and the rate at which it was gaining momentum, and added it to the Main Event of the WSOP tournament in 1971, where it has remained a part of the Main Event ever since. Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game variations played and is included at nearly all online and offline casinos throughout the world.